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2019 Membership Annual Meeting


The idea of a noon potluck luncheon meeting was a success!

We had 28 people there and the food was just great.  The Board went over tentative plans including the schedule, ideas for some new initiatives and asked for questions and comments from the members.  This resulted in some great discussions and ideas.  Some of the latter can be implemented soon, while others are a bit beyond our present capabilities.  The Board was delighted to have such really active participation by the members.


And there was more . . . . .

Three upcoming workshop instructors outlined the content of and the benefits their attendees would receive from their classes.  Jody Horvath provided the same for several other planned workshops.

Next, the meeting minutes will go out to the entire membership and more complete outlines of the new initiatives will also go out asking for signups.  If sufficient are received, these will be gradually implemented.


Current and Future Workshops

Workshop For New Artists


Saturday, April 20th, 9am to 3pm.  Instructor Ron Rodgers.  Develop and refine your drawing concepts.  Also pertinent for more advanced artists needing to brush up their drawing skills.

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Painting with Alcohol Inks


Saturday, May 4th, 9am to 1pm.  Instructor Suzie Warner.  Explore this new and fascinating painting technique.  Just bring your creativity!

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Drawing Class For New Artists (& Those Needing a Refresher)

Emphasis on sight developing through drawing

“The process of creating art is not so much the development of motor skills as much as

it is the process of developing visual perception by learning to really see what is

actually there (not what we think is there) and then recording that information into the

desired medium. I believe that anyone can do art, and that we are born with an instinct

to express ourselves visually. The challenge is that through our society and living life,

we forget how to really see what we are looking at, and tend to draw or paint what we

'think' something looks like, and not what it is. It is through the continual development

of our visual comprehension that our artistic capabilities increase, because when you

can really see it, you can really create it for real.” Instructor: Ron Rogers

  • Saturday, April 20th
  • From 9am to 3pm
  • In the CCAL Classroom
  • The cost for the class is $125
  • Plan to bring a lunch


This course uses drawing as it is the foundation of visual communication and is

learned through the practice and development of our visual perception (sight). The

purpose of this course is to have fun and increase your visual awareness,

comprehension, and understanding with sight exercises toward fundamental

drawing skills, and increasing your means of visual self-expression.


This is a day for development and refinement of fundamental drawing concepts

and techniques through observation-based drawing. The course is suited for the

novice artist who whishes to develop and/or refine their visual comprehension and

drawing skills. We will have exercises designed to increase sight development

from simple line drawings to the creation of more complex drawing with light and

shadow. With the development of increased visual comprehension and uses of

graphite technique exercises and practices that are enjoyable the student can come

away with finished drawings.

NOTE: This class is designed in such a way that you can spend your time

practicing in class, and continue at home. Practice is what it will take to become

successful at it. With patience you will learn to see objects in such a way so as to

transfer them onto a two-dimensional surface easily. Exercises will be presented

throughout the workshop that enable you to better see and address elements of

drawing. Be willing to have fun and make lots of ugly drawings so you can learn

and gain competence. Again, Have Fun! And remember: "The Biggest Mistake

You Could Ever Make is Being Too Afraid to Make One"

“Creativity is more important than Knowledge ... but the first needs the later.”

                                                            – Albert Einstein –

To Register or For More Information Contact the Art League Gallery

 Phone: (307) 587-3597 

or Email us at art@codycountryartleague.com


Alcohol-Ink Workshop

Decorate Tiles Yourself - Just Bring Your Imagination!

Suzie Warner will reprise a class given last year to a visiting group.  Twenty-eight people attended and by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed the class.  And, they produced some really nice tiles.  So now we are offering this as a class open to all.

 After you've finished painting a tile and it's dry, you spray it to with a protective coating.  Outside of using the tiles in a shower or washing them in a dishwasher (not recommended), the decorations should last for years.  And this technique isn't limited to tiles.  Try it on porcelain vases, etc,  They make great personalized gifts.


  • Saturday, May 4th from 9am to 1pm.
  • In the CCAL Classroom.
  • The cost for the class is  $45    
  • The cost includes all supplies.
  • Plan to bring a lunch.

To Register or For More Information Contact the Art League Gallery

Phone: (307) 587-3597
or Email us at