Our Art Gallery, Gift Shop & Classes serve the region & beyond

Our Art Gallery, Gift Shop & Classes serve the region & beyond

Our Art Gallery, Gift Shop & Classes serve the region & beyondOur Art Gallery, Gift Shop & Classes serve the region & beyond


We offer workshops related to the artwork we carry in a wide range of mediums.  This is limited only by sufficient interest and availability of instructors.  These workshops are open to our members and the public.  Typical workshop offerings are listed below.  Upcoming ones appear on our Calendar/Workshops/Events Page.


  • Drawing Class For New Artists - Ron Rogers 
  • Drawing Workshop - Ron Rogers  
  • Oil Painting Techniques - Mike Poulsen   
  • Painting With The Masters - John Potter
  • Painting With The Masters - E. Denny Neville
  • Painting With the Masters - Julie Oriet
  • Painting With Palette Knives - Karen Petrovich 
  • Exploring Watercolor Painting - Elizabeth N. LaRowe 
  • Framing - Karen Petrovich
  • Calligraphy - Cate Crawford 
  • Alcohol-Ink On Tiles Workshop - Suzie Warner 
  • Decorate Tiles Yourself - Suzie Warner 
  • Wreath Making - Lori Long 
  • Dyeing (Runners to Dye For) - Marie Shirley-Jones 



This was the third workshop in the series which features artists from the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale (BBAS&S).  It was presented on Nov 9th and 10th, 2019 and featured pastelist Julie Oriet.  CCAL is pleased to be working with the BBAS&S staff to be able to offer this high level of workshops to the Cody Country community.         


Class Outline

This is a brief outline of the class content.  Note: the first set of images below generally follow this class outline with examples of Julie’s art, the students work and pictures of the class in action.  The second group showcases student work, showing some of it as it progressed throughout the class. 

Friday evening kicked off with Julie demonstrating, making two pastels from a photograph using pastels.  One replicated the mood and colors of the image (low-contrast late day).  In the second she used that valuable artistic license to make the scene “pop” with subtle changes to values and colors. 

Julie likes to make quick, small three-value drawings of what she is going to paint.   This helps her get a better handle on the values it contains and she recommended this practice to the class.  When working from a photo she makes four (the painting on its left side, upside down, on the right side and normally).  She demonstrated using only 30 seconds for each and then had the class members do the same.  The evening finished up with the students getting a start on the paintings they wished to work on.

Saturday included discussions and demonstrations of using soft, hard and oil pastels as well as making pastel washes –that being a real surprise to a number of students.  Suitability of different paper for these was also covered.  Julie started off with a demonstration again, using flowers for a subject this time.  Then the students picked up on their paintings. Julie worked with them individually giving encouragement and suggestions.  After the break for lunch she had us do a quick and fun exercise drawing a face with our eyes closed (very good for improving drawing skills).  Then it was back to their own pastel paintings for the remainder of the day. 

This class produced some very nice paintings while learning much about this special medium.  All agreed this was a very worthwhile experience, including one student working with oil paints.