Alcohol-Ink On Tiles Workshop

Fly By Night Art

Actually, it was fly by day art.  The International Cessna 170 Association held its 50th annual convention in Cody this year from June 25-30th.  Pilots and their spouses attend this from all over the world.  They had a very busy agenda with lots of chances to see what Cody has to offer and there were events for spouses while technical pilot stuff was going on.  A number of those spouses were artists and/or interested in art.  They asked if CCAL could put on a class for them on the 27th. 

Opportunity!  And we ran with it.  Suzie Warner gave a class on alcohol ink painting on tiles to 39 spouses.  They obviously enjoyed it and there was some very nice artwork created by them.  There were a number of comments on how fabulous the class was and that this was the best classroom facility they had been in!  Imagine trying to fit 39 people plus an instructor and two assistants into the old classroom!

Okay, so what’s the benefit to CCAL from this?  After all, most of the people were from far beyond our region.  Well first of all, it was good for Cody.  Just one more thing that added to the attendees’ positive experiences here.  Bringing attention to art in Cody is good for the community and is one of our objectives.  And guess what?  A number of them made purchases from our Gallery.  That helps us directly.  Who knows, some may take future vacations here and come see us again.