Sometimes We Do The Strangest Things

A Different Kind of Workshop - well there is an "art" to tearing down walls and ripping up floors.

Here we see some of the "League of Extraordinary Members" taking a break from creating new space for our classroom.  The League consists of Board members, spouses and very special friends and was under the capable leadership of our "instructor" Ryan from T.L. Quick Construction.  

Taking out the orange wall in front of the bathroom and the partition between the original classroom and former Cody Cupboard area gained us a lot of space. The classroom now measures about 46 feet long by 21 feet wide. It was only about 25 feet long before (plus a little corner area). About one hour into the project and the walls are gone.

The “LEMs” rested for a bit and considered how some-time in the future to take up the floor tiles, which were in bad condition. Ryan (from Quick Construction, our con-tractor) mentioned the type we had usually come up pretty easily and demonstrated so in a small area. There was a moment of hesitation and then ZOT! For the next three hours tile and felt-paper flew from the floor. Another hour of cleanup, loading a literal 2,000 pounds of debris into a truck and a tired but now very happy crew were done.

In the following several days primer and white paint were applied to the ceiling and walls, brightening the room up considerably. We owe a large thank you to Quick Construction (and Ryan) for the tear down help and to Andy Shearer of Big Horn Paint for the primer, flat and semi-gloss paint. Cody is good people!