Drawing Workshop for Artists

The Particulars

Instructor: Ron Rogers.  Date: Saturday, September 29th.  Time: 9 am to 4 pm in our classroom.  It is recommended  that attendees bring a lunch.  This workshop is open to the public.

The materials list  for the workshop is available for downloading below.  To sign up, please contact the Art League at 307-587-3597.  The workshop fee is $125.

Course Purpose

This is a day for development and refinement of fundamental to advanced drawing concepts and techniques through observation-based drawing.  It is through practice of exercises in sight that  one comes to see and comprehend better today then they did five years ago and, with on-going effort, will continue to improve into the future. 


 Ron is an internationally recognized studio artist with a Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing.  Over the past twenty years, he taught art on the university and college level in the Rocky Mountains and on the West Coast.  He has taught drawing, life drawing, watercolor, oil and acrylic, and art appreciation.  A more complete biography, along with images from his sketch book, are included with the Materials List download.  Portions of those images appear below. 


The course is geared to the artist who wishes to develop, increase, and/or refine their visual comprehension and drawing skills.  Participants will have fun exercises designed to increase sight development from simple line drawings to the creation of more complex drawings with light and shadow.  With the development of increased comprehension and uses of graphite technique exercises and practices, the students can come away with finished drawings.

The class is designed in such a way that a student can spend time practicing the art of drawing in class, and continue in their home/studio.  Ron indicates that; "with practice and patience, you will learn to see objects in such a way so as to transfer them onto a two-dimensional surface easily."  

It's About Seeing

The Class Exercises

Click on the top left image below to enlarge it, and then click the right arrows to step through the series of drawings the students made.  The text panels provide a rough idea of what the exercises were about.  However, the actual class handouts gave much more informative and thorough explanations.

Drawing Workshop Materials List