Our Art Gallery, Gift Shop & Classes serve the region & beyond


Our Vision:

Connect the Visual Arts to Our Community

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to creating an environment for the 

promotion, appreciation and education in the visual arts.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide a physical home for visual art education in Park County and the region
  • Identify and recruit new Artist Members
  • Identify and recruit new Friends of the Art League
  • Provide education to both amateur and professional artists with a variety of art-based offerings
  • Promote and sell original art created by our members
  • Promote the visual arts to Park County, the region and beyond
  • Encourage community involvement in the Art League
  • Foster our members' involvement in their community


Board Members

Board Members


  • Rene Huge - Our new Gallery Director.  She comes to us with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, which we very much need in these Covid-troubled times..  
  • Suzie Warner - This good and kind person helps keep the wheels turning for both the members and visitors. 
  • Jo Lettner - Jo is our go-to fill in person.  When we need her, she's there.

Board Members

Board Members

Board Members

Sally Ogletree - President

Lynn Lampe - Treasurer

Elaine Haberland - Secretary

Jody Horvath - Gallery Liaison

Angie Payne - Producer

Lee Niziolek - Key Grip

Jim Mossman - Website Wonk

 Jenny Johnstone-Smith -  Volunteer Coordinator

Cathi Love - Our new member

  Graham Jackson - Emeritus Board Member

our involvement in the community



We are pleased to give our regional school art students a chance to showcase their artwork.  

There were over 30 pieces from students in grades 9 through 12 in the first show.

Thanks Indeed For All You've Done

  • Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Brokerage 
  • Big Horn Paint
  • Cody Coffee Company
  • Cody Styling Company
  • Jan Cook
  • Theresa Donley
  • Eastgate Liquor
  • Granny's
  • Hair Affaire
  • Bonnie & Andy Franklin
  • Kay Gribble
  • Jody & Jim Horvath
  • Cindy Katz & John Gordnier
  • Faith Model
  • Jim Mossman
  • Lynn Mowery
  • Mossy Oak Real Estate
  • Lynn Parker & James Douglas
  • Angie & Vic Payne
  • Patti Rauffaf
  • Sunset Properties
  • David Taylor, DDS
  • TL Quick Construction
  • The UPS Store
  • Tundra General Construction
  • VFW Auxiliary
  • Wells Fargo
  • Western Real Estate
  • Whitlock Motors
  • Yellowstone Gift Shop
  • Anne Young
  • Karen & Paul Youngstrom
  • YTex Corporation

Special Thanks to Karle Lampe & Ron Olgetree

Our History


Formally established in 1964 the Cody Country Art League is located in the Visitor’s Center on Sheridan Avenue in downtown Cody, Wyoming. The structure is the original Buffalo Bill Museum and is registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

The founding members established the art league in order to promote the artistic endeavor among local artists by encouraging exhibits, displays and sales; fostering art education among artists, and the support of art classes to all artists in the community, which was the heart of the movement.

The Cody Country Art League is a culmination of the “impossible dream realized through the benevolence of a progressive community” and particularly by our founding members, which include Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stock, Dr. Harold McCracken, the Nielsen family, Mrs. Doris May and the Coe Family, to name just a few. 

Today’s Cody Country Art League is about and dedicated to continuing and furthering their dream. 

Photo Used by Permission of Buffalo Bill Center of the West, McCracken Research Library.
MS 228 Buffalo Bill Museum Photos.  PN.228.059

Artist Success Stories & Testimonials

Some of Our Nationally Known Current and Prior Members:

M C Poulson, George D Smith, Mel Fillerup, Ann Hanson, Jeff & Polly Frost, Lucille Patrick, and Ty Barhaug.   

Exhibitions and sales that some of these artists have participated in include one or more of the following:

Autry Museum, Booth Museum, Center of the West Art Show and Sale,  Eiteljorg Quest for the West Art Show and Sale, The C.M.Russell Auction and Sale, and The Museum of Wildlife Art.


Ann Hanson:

"I started my professional art career in 1985 and one of the first places I exhibited my work was at the Cody Country Art League.  Venues like this are so valuable to artists in all stages  of their careers, but especially when they are starting out.  Workshops, competitive shows and sales venues are all available through Cody Country Art League.  It is an irreplaceable asset and support for artisans in our area."

E. Denny NeVille:  

"The Cody Country Art League is a more unique art community than most art leagues in that it is so closely associated with the world class Buffalo Bill Center of the West. The Art League has an annual draw of tourists and a large number of successful, professional painters, authors, sculptors and photographers willing to teach workshops that generate interest among the youth, adults, retired or handicapped part of the community. The community support for the arts in general is laudatory to say the least. Music, dance, crafts and the visual arts are well supported and provides a host of willing volunteers. 

Those that direct the affairs of the Art League are knowledgeable and dedicated community members whose appreciation for the arts enhances the quality of the community. I have been associated with them for several years and have felt of their encouragement for myself and fellow artists in and beyond the immediate area. Thank you for the opportunity to express my total support and confidence in the efforts of The Cody Country Art League and talented staff."


Mike Poulsen:

"The Cody Country Art League is the place where I started my art career.  I entered a painting of my father in the Cody Art League Show in the early 1970's.    My painting won best of show and my father bought the painting for $200.  I could pay my bills and my rent, back then the dollar stretched way farther than today,   and I felt like I could do this as a living.  

Fast forward over 40 years.  My career has been successful.  I was able to support my family and raise my children through art.  I supported the Cody Art League and encouraged young artists to show their paintings there.  The Cody Country Art League is more than just a place to show art.  It  is multifaceted.  The annual art show helps emerging artists who want to become professional.  There is no other venue in our community for this.  It has been an educational  entity where I as well as other professional artists teach classes to those interested in pursuing an art carer. It is supported by these artists who owe their start to the Art League. It has a broad  community love and support.  Many volunteer their time, talents and energy it making this entity work,  It would be a shame to lose such an important part of Cody history  The Arts are an integral part of our human lives.  In a time when the schools are cutting back on the arts and music in our school's entities like the Art League become more not less important.  Art and music integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain helping children learn better and faster. Our Art League teaches classes for young students as well.  I can't tell you how passionate I  am about this huge part of our town and what it does for us.  Please support something so important."