2019 Members' Annual Meeting


The idea of a noon potluck luncheon meeting was a success!

We had 28 people there and the food was just great.  The Board went over tentative plans including the schedule, ideas for some new initiatives and asked for questions and comments from the members.  This resulted in some great discussions and ideas.  Some of the latter can be implemented soon, while others are a bit beyond our present capabilities.  The Board was delighted to have such really active participation by the members.


And there was more . . . . .

Three upcoming workshop instructors outlined the content of and the benefits their attendees would receive from their classes.  Jody Horvath provided the same for several other planned workshops.

Next, the meeting minutes will go out to the entire membership and more complete outlines of the new initiatives will also go out asking for signups.  If sufficient are received, these will be gradually implemented.


Types of Original Artwork We Carry

Holiday Gifts


uGifts for family, friends and you!  Have a look at our Holiday Portfolio which highlights a few of our favorite things.  And there are many more things to see.  Remember we are open on Saturdays too right thru Dec 22nd.




This Art Gallery includes: paintings, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, baskets, glassware, wooden items, photographs,, household decor, and note cards, all decorated or created by our member artists.  In addition, many art-related workshops and events are offered.     




Cowboys, Native Americans, Animals (wild & domestic), Life Vignettes and more.  Made in cast bronze, wood & ceramics in a variety of finishes.



Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pins, Pendants, and Rings.  These are made from a variety of materials: turquoise, silver, copper, and other man-made and natural materials,     



Cups, Plates, Wall Decorations, Bowls, and more in many styles and colors.

Baskets, Etc.


These are woven from the traditional materials, and also novel things such as pine needles.  Some include beads, needle work and other items incorporated into their design.

Wooden Items


Bowls, Kitchen Utensils, Tree Trunks & Limbs twisted into interesting forms by Mother Nature, all worked and stained to enhance their natural look.


Beautiful framed and unframed Landscape and Wildlife prints in color & black and white.  These showcase Yellowstone, Cody Country and other places near and far.  Samples will be added in the future.

Household Decorations


Painted Gourds, Walking Sticks, Candle Sticks, items fashioned from Antlers, and the occasional Buffalo Skull.  These are all truly special things.


Lamps, Shades, Benches, Tables, Chairs and other items.  All either hand decorated or constructed and finished by our artists. Sample images will be added in the future.

Please note: large items cannot be shipped via UPS.  Our staff will not be able to make other shipping arrangements for customers.

It is recommended that for large items (if not already familiar with them), the prospective buyers first view them at the gallery before purchasing them by phone or email.




 Wall Plaques, Mosaic Items, Window Hangings, Glasses and other items.  

Larger and Additional Images


To see larger images of the thumbnail categories not having their own portfolios, "Potpourri Portfolios" are available.  These contain additional images for some types of items.

Click below to go to the Portfolios page.


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